Air Fryer Loaded Deviled Eggs

 crispy panko breading, sautéed jalapeños, bacon, and cream cheese

a perfect party appetizer, or an at-home snack. These are quick and easy to make within minutes in your air-fryer!

Deep Fried deviled eggs are one of my favorite treats. It can turn into a bit of a guilty pleasure, cause how many times can you really eat a deep fried egg

To prepare your egg whites, give them a quick rinse, and then get started with the breading. First dunk in flour, then dunk in egg, then in panko.

Repeat for each egg white, then air fry.

Take your egg yolk mixture, transfer to a piping bag, and then pipe onto air-fried egg whites. Top with a pickled jalapeño and a sprinkle of paprika and enjoy!

Air fryer deviled eggs have all the taste you love from the classic party starter, with a crispy crunch from the panko breading,

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